Financial Statements

When a third party relies on your financial statements, it will require the assistance of the leading accountants Miami for assurance. Our accountants Florida can provide you with compiled or reviewed Financial Statements. As part of our accounting services Miami, we review your transactions and perform analytical review of your data. We then give our written opinion as a CPA in Miami as to whether your statements were fairly presented according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

As an accountant in Miami, when we conduct a review of financial statements, it’s customary to interview your executive staff to validate the fiscal records of your business. Reviews of financial statements are a part of good bookkeeping Miami practice, and can cost hundreds of dollars less than an audit. The reason for reviewed financial statements is the expression of some degree of assurance by our accounting firms Miami that your firm does not have to make any major adjustments in order for it to be in line with GAAP.

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